Restaurant Review: The Grey Dog

Thanks to Brian A. on Yelp for the photo

After a lovely sunset walk along Chelsea Pier, my partner and I were craving some food. We figured we’d pass something on the way home. On and on we go until we reach 8th Ave and still haven’t found the right spot. We wandered around for a few more blocks. Then a few more. Just as we’re about to turn around and get the usual, we spot a sign for The Grey Dog on 16th St between 7th and 8th Ave.

The atmosphere is that of a chill coffee shop targeting a younger demo. You wait in line to place your order at the counter and are then free to grab any table you wish. Soon thereafter you will see a food runner wandering around trying to find you. He will be yelling your name in the feeblest of whispers.

Burn the bridges
I feel you.

There is ample seating inside and a handful of tables on the sidewalk. I felt welcome and comfortable inside. The decor features beautiful brick walls, ample artwork, and old school lighting. The vibe is fun, relaxed, and inviting. The artwork features vintage photos of women with flowers exploding from their faces. The tables are old maps of the surrounding area. Also, there was a handsome husky mix laying out front. Probably not the Grey Dog the restaurant is named after but I appreciate their dog friendliness. Shout out for being a noble pup.

A sandwich with sweet potato fries(extra), fish tacos, two soda, plus tip set us back about $37.

Not quite cheap but not too shabby for the area. My partner got the Cubano sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries. I was having trouble deciding between their three fish tacos. The fedora wearing young lady taking our order suggested the shrimp and jalapeno popper tacos.

Fish Tacos
Sorry I ate half of them before realizing I should take a picture

Bruh. These tacos tho. If you told me cheese, shrimp, and jalapeno were a good combo I wouldn’t have believed you. I have seen the light. Hallelujah! The flavor was unreal. Thank you fedora lady. The tacos have an insane combination of flavor. Sweet, salty, crunchy, and umami all in one. I have not yet eaten today as I write this. This was a bad idea.

As much as I loved the flavor of the tacos, I was left a little disappointed with the portion size. I didn’t pay attention to the shrimp-per-taco (or SPT) of each taco until the end. I noticed my last taco only had two shrimp and one popper. Hmm. Maybe that one was a fluke but regardless I’d enjoy larger tacos in place of the sub par side salad that came with it.

I can’t say that either of us enjoyed the Cubano sandwich much. It was just kinda bland. The pork was overcooked and on the dry side. It just seemed to have no flavor on its own. The sandwich was just… boring. Thank the food gods that she was smart enough to get sweet Cubano and sweet potato friespotato fries too.

Bruhbruh. Hands down the best sweet potato fries I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying. A perfect combination of crispy outside with a soft gooey inside. Add a bit of salt to your liking and get ready to violate yourself while shoving them down your gullet.

All in all I enjoyed The Grey Dog and I’ll certainly be back. Their breakfast menu looks enticing. During the day I can see The Grey Dog being a nice quiet place to get some work done or study. It’s got the local cafe vibe down. I recommend checking this place out and enjoying good food with good people in a (relatively) quiet and cool atmosphere.